The history of the brend Mouche

Elegant, fashion, cosmopolitan. They are some of the adjectives that characterize Mouche, the female line of outerwear produced by RRGG group. A valuable and elegant production for a woman always in step with the times always comfortable but seductive and at the forefront, who loves his everyday life taste and refinement without giving up functionality and dynamism. A sophisticated product, attentive to details, which combines traditional craftsmanship with the most modern planning. The attention to detail,the quality of the materials,the attention for the costumer are the basis of our success. The RRGG Group is a historical Martina franca enterprise, territory where the Ungaro family since 1938 has given life to a new entrepreneurial dimension putting the craftsmanship quality and the refinement of the materials at the height of the company philosophy. The adaptation to increasingly restrictive European and international regulations have allowed the consolidation of existing markets and openness to emerging ones. In the selection of raw materials preference is given to companies with products that are of an original nature in the context of a professional scheme, pursuant to the regulation CE n°1617/2006 which ensures the absolute product warranty. To protect the consumer more and more attentively, Mouche, guarantee of made in Italy, maintains the entire production chain in Italy.